In these unprecedented times many questions arise concerning family dynamics in pending and past divorce proceedings. Particularly as to the child. Families are having to adjust to this new temporary way of life. Kids are essentially being home schooled, parents are juggling between babysitting, educating, working and too often parents are finding themselves furloughed or permanently laid off. I have received several calls over the last month regarding these issues.

1. I am out of work or my business is shut down, I can’t pay my child support. What should I do?
2. The other parent’s work requires them to be in an environment that makes them more susceptible to exposure of Covid-19. Can I deny their possession and access?
3. The other parent is refusing to return our child, what should I do?

First, and foremost these times present the perfect opportunity to co-parent. I would encourage you to approach the other parent with the same compassion and consideration that you would give a friend, neighbor or stranger in this time of crisis. DO NOT use this time as a ruse or excuse to avoid your obligations to your child and your court order. DO NOT avoid paying support as a mere opportunity of the times. DO NOT exaggerate concerns that your child is not being properly protected.

If despite your efforts, the other parent is uncooperative, please feel free to contact our office with any questions or concerns you may have.